A Well for Life

Vittorio Cavini, journalist, contributor of the daily newspapers "Alto Adige" and "Il Giorno", has been working for RAI since 1977. He was first sent in Africa the GMM and RAI, and then made many travels there. The book "Un pozzo per la vita" (A Well for Life) was published in 1989 by EMI.

Hands and Hearts Say Yes

Gianni Martinetto, born in Milan in 1963, graduated in medicine at the Milan university, has been working since 1994 in many missionary hospitals of western Africa. He writes on "Missioni Consolata". The book "Mani e cuori che dicono sì" (Hands and Hearts Say Yes) was published by EMI in 1999.

Seeking Gospel Facts

Luigi Accattoli, born in Recanati in 1943, lives now in Rome. He is a journalist for “Il Corriere della Sera” and in 1998 published two books, of which one on Wojtyla. In 1995 he had published with SEI “Cerco fatti di Vangelo” (Seeking Gospel Facts), which collects experiences among which there is the one of the GMM.

Some Day the Sahara will Bloom...

Taken from the introduction: "This book is about a man who, after being extraordinarily cured, choose to devote himself to the office of helping people of a faraway continent to live in a more dignified, human, happy way. Alpidio Balbo's example, today materialized in the Missionary Group Merano he created, teaches us something about cooperation and solidarity that overcome ethnic and spatial barriers. It shows us it is possible to make one's life really worth being lived". The book was published in 1995 by Edizioni Mediterranee.

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