Your offerings

Every help is precious, even the smallest. Your money offerings may be aimed at a specific target, or to the general action of GMM, that will choose the destination according to the current priorities. Since GMM is an acknowledged NGO and non-profitmaking association, all the donations made to it can be deducted from taxes in your individual income return statement.

Bear in mind that:
► 180 euros per year is the share to support a child;
► 1.000 euros is the share to help build a school or a hospital;
► 2.000 euros is the share to grant a year of education to an aspiring nurse
► 3.000 euros is the well share, to help build a well in a village;
► 5.000 euros is the share to take part in the shipping of a container;
► Any offering, even the smallest, can support our awareness and cultural promotion actions and share the costs entailed by all our activities.

Current accounts

To donate, you can use the online donation page of this website or the following current accounts in the name of Gruppo Missionario “Un pozzo per la vita” Merano (Merano Missionary Group “A well for life”)

► Post office account: 15004393.
► Banca Popolare dell’Alto Adige, Merano: IT47 A058 5658 5900 4057 0118 036
► Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Merano: IT19 V010 0558 5900 0000 0003 562
► Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano: IT38 P060 4511 6020 0000 0009 402
► Credito Emiliano, Modena: IT45 P030 3212 9060 1000 0001 000
► Banca Intesa San Paolo: IT40 W030 6909 6061 0000 0116 344
► Cassa Raiffeisen Val Badia: IT05 S080 1058 3400 0030 0023 302

Help us


From this page, you can now donate your contribution to support the activities of the Missionary Group "A Well for Life" in Merano, Africa. You can make an offering for a specific project or let your donation be directed towards the most urgent interventions.

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