Our mission

Merano Missionary Group "A well for life" (GMM) is a voluntary organisation founded by Alpidio Balbo. The GMM is mainly active in Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso with cooperation projects for development.

Other projects are being carried out in Africa – in Niger, Ghana, Cameroon, Chad, Kenya, Madagascar and Congo - and in South America – in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.
Our mission is to work for the growth of developing countries and of their population, fostering the culture of dialogue and the feeling of brotherhood and solidarity among people.
The GMM, in agreement with local dioceses and charity organizations of the Catholic Church, supports projects in the fields of education, childhood care and assistance, healthcare, vocational training, environmental protection and recovery, and agriculture.

Our history

The GMM’s charter dates back to the 30th November 1984, but its history has began many years earlier. It was the 4th of March 1971, when Alpidio Balbo, a trader from Merano who spent some weeks in Lomé (Togo) to recover after a serious car accident, arrived at Bohicon, a small village in the South of Benin, which was called Dahomey at that time.

Alpidio Balbo



“If I look back to my way in the land where i live, and in the land that has become homeland to my heart, I am surprised and overwhelmed..."

Acknowledgement as NGO

Merano Missionary Group “A well for life” is recorded in the Province Register of voluntary associations according to the decree no. 871.1 issued by the President of the Province Council on the 09.05.2011, and it is thus considered a non-profitmaking organization as of right.

In 2000 GMM has been acknowledged as an NGO by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.
The decree no. 2000/337/003536/3 issued by the Ministry on the 02.08.2000 certifies that GMM is qualified pursuant to and by effect of art. 28 of the law no. 49/1987 on cooperation between Italy and developing countries.

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