Current projects

This is a brief description of the work-in-progress projects that GMM is currently supporting More information on these projects or on projects still in the planning stage can be found in the news section.


GMM has promoted the creation of hundreds of wells and basins in Western Africa. To grant the access to water to people who were denied it has always been our priority, because – as we learned from experience – a well can support peoples life and boost the consolidation of teir communities.


With no education there’s no development. Starting from that assumption, GMM promoted the building of hundreds of schools and vocational training centres, always in agreement with locas dioceses, parishes, religious orders and missions that in a second step took charge of them autonomously.


Bohicon has been the starting point of our health-related actions. In Sedovikon there is the first out of four nutrition centres for children, built and supported together with as many dispensaries. They are in some villages surrounding Bohicon, in Bagou, in Pereré, in Ségbana, in Fô Bouré, in Koudougou, Burkina-Faso and at the Kekeli Neva institute in Togo.

Child sponsorship

The first child sponsorship programs by GMM date back to 1979, International Year of the Child. They were aimed to 15 children of the Bohicon nutrition centre.

Supported organizations

Nutrition centres, schools and vocational training centres, dispensaries and hospitals: thanks to the child sponsorship donations, GMM’s benefactors support many initiatives mainly in favor of the youngest. You may find their brief descriptions here following.

Our presence

Since its beginning, GMM has worked mainly in Africa (in particular, apart from Benin and Togo, in Burkina Faso, Niger, Ghana, Camerun, Ciad, Kenya, Madagascar e Congo); in many occasion, often cooperating with other NGOs and associations, it has supported development project ad solidarity actions in South America( Brazil,Ecuador and Perù) and Europa (Albania). Currently the Group is active mainly in Benin and Togo.