Current projects

This is a brief description of the work-in-progress projects that GMM is currently supporting More information on these projects or on projects still in the planning stage can be found in the news section.

Projects 2018


  • Support to the hospital "St. Padre Pio", N'Dali (Northern Benin): medical missions from Italy (also in collaboration with Cute Project Onlus), salaries and scolarships for local medical staff, funds for medical care to indigent patients. (Project completed)
  • Programme to facilitate the access to safe drinking water: eight perforations in the Borgou and Atacora region (Northern Benin). (Project completed)
  • Construction of a training school for teachers of the diocesan schools of Natitingou (Northern Benin).
  • Integration, with a further plan, of the secondary school in Bembereke (department of Borgou, Benin) at the "Maria Adelaide" school center. (Project completed)
  • Installation of two photovoltaic systems to ensure energy self-sufficiency of the Center for treatment of mental illness “Misericordia - Oasis d'Amour”, of Zooti (Togo). (Project completed)
  • Construction of a bakery for the "St. Jean de Dieu" Hospital of the Fatebenefratelli in Tanguieta (Nord Benin).