With no education there’s no development. Starting from that assumption, GMM promoted the building of hundreds of schools and vocational training centres, always in agreement with locas dioceses, parishes, religious orders and missions that in a second step took charge of them autonomously.

The first school has been built in Bohicon, Benin. After it many ore followed; among them, the schools in Bembereké, Cotonou, Natitingou, Calavi, Kandi, Parakou, Nikki, Sinendé, Ségbana, Chabi-Kouma, Koussoukoingou, Kougoudou (Burkina-Faso), Tabligbo (Togo) and Adidome (Ghana).
To them we should add the carpentry an mechanics vocational training centres in Parakou and the educational centres for girls in Bohicon, Bembereké and Cotonou.